Sunshine quilt

Sunshine quilt

Monday, 9 December 2013

Meet my stash!

I love to see what other people have in their stash - and as I was sorting through  last night I thought you might like occasionally to see what was in mine. I read or heard somewhere that you should sort your stash according to colour. I use this as a rough principle - and you will see that this is my blue stash. Well - not all of it obviously ... in fact just a little of it ....let's say this is my blue spots stash! I used to feel guilty about my stash until I read the wise words of Lynne Edwards in the introduction to 'Making Scrap Quilts to Use it Up' who explains how a stamp collector doesn't put their stamps on letters.....

What I love about my stash (oops fabric collection) is that I can remember where and why I purchased each of these fabrics. Clockwise from top left, the first two were purchased in John Lewis one evening on a week long work trip - bought to cheer myself up. Numbers three and seven were ordered from America . Number four was bought on a lovely visit to the restored Cromford Mill from Quiltessential with one of my daughters. Five was another late night John Lewis 'pick me up' but this time it was in a sale - too good to miss. And six was a leftover from Nel Whatmore Katharine's Wheel Quilt which I made for my daughter's spare room.

The second peek into my blue stash is a set of six fabrics - fat eighths I think - which I bought in Amsterdam last year from a fantastic shop called Bird Blocks. This is full of lovely little square packages of colour co-ordinated fabrics. I bought these to remind me of the Delftware we saw in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. You will probably have deduced  that since I still have all six pieces intact I haven't worked out what to do with them yet - but I'm thinking a cushion or similar - perhaps squares with a plain dark border to give a kind of stained glass effect. Any suggestions gratefully received.

And here is where it all lives  - in big plastic boxes

But just in case you thought this looks disgustingly well organised here is what the rest of the room looks like while I am sorting it out!!

Hope you enjoyed the first visit to my stash - more to follow in a few weeks - possibly the red box - try not to get too excited!

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  1. That trip to Cromford Mill was great-all those shelves of lovely fabrics. Definitely appealed to the mildly obsessive side of me! Could you incorporate a round shape into the delftware cushion maybe to look like a plate? Xx


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