Sunshine quilt

Sunshine quilt

Monday, 2 December 2013

Getting started

Do you like it? I always want to ask people this when I have made something. I suppose there are not many people who are going to say no to your face - but you can usually tell. This one met with good reactions from the people I showed it to. It's a Christmas present for my son-in-law's mother. Not sure what that makes her to me - but she is a good person to make for because I know she appreciates it.

The cushion is pretty much pillow sized  (60cm x 40cm) and I envisage it being used on a bed. The main fabric I have used is from 'Washday' by Makower. I spotted it a Duxford Autumn Quilt Fair on the Patchwork Corner stall. I had one of my daughters with me (who incidentally has appointed herself as my Fabric Selector - nice job) and we loved it - it has a real 50's feel.

I think this was a real economic make - I bought 25cm of four patterns and I think it came to about £11.00 and I have got loads left.

So there you go - my very first post. I've managed to add a picture and a link- which I don't think is bad for a first attempt. Onwards and upwards. So hey? Do you like it?


  1. I'll always be honest if I don't like something! But then perhaps its easier being related...anyway I am so excited to see how this blog develops-it has been a long time in the dreaming and planning so it is brilliant to finally see it coming to life! Looking forward to the next post x

  2. I think that what Judy has achieved so far is amazing,the quality and skill are improving quilt on quilt. The house we live in has gone from saddlery to quiltery! Me and the dog hope we don't fall over the stash!


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