Sunshine quilt

Sunshine quilt

Monday, 13 January 2014

Quilting frustrations

You may remember that making progress on this quilt was my new year target which I mentioned here. Well I have made a little bit of progress but this quilt is driving me NUTS! I know - it's a bit pathetic to get annoyed about a hobby that is supposed to be pleasurable ...but .....

I've finished piecing the top. I was a bit limited for size as I wanted it for a king size double but I had to limit the amount of fabric to keep the cost within reasonable parameters. It's 11 x 8 8.5 inch squares which makes it 94 ish by 68 inches. This is fine as it is the full width of the bed but comes just below the pillows. I now need to quilt it but I am not sure it will go through the throat of my machine which isn't huge. I've re-watched my Craftsy class (Quilting Big Quilts on a Small Machine) and worked out that if I want to grid quilt it then splitting the wadding into three is a bit of a non-starter. What to do?

I think I am going to make the sandwich and try and get it through my machine. If this doesn't work I will hand quilt it - which I don't mind doing but it means it won't get finished for a lot longer.

It's been trouble from the start! I started it a long time ago when I was really a beginner and quite a lot of it has been unpicked and put back together. I am determined to see it through though. I've had trouble tracking down enough of the backing fabric I've chosen - Philip Jacobs Picotte Poppies in ochre but an email has just come through from Glorious Color to say they have 6 yards. It seems that everything I try with this quilt is unstraighforward ( not a word - I know).

Hey ho! I really hope it is worth it in the end!

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