Sunshine quilt

Sunshine quilt

Thursday, 16 January 2014

My crafty haven!

I wanted to show you where I make my quilts and do most of my sewing. I am very lucky in that since last summer I have had a dedicated room to sew in. This seems to have made a huge difference to how much sewing I do and also how much enjoyment I have got from it. We live in an old Victorian house in a small rural village. The house is a former saddlery shop and my office for my day job is in the shop. When we moved in we had a room across the two garages ( one was a former stable and one the 'garage' for the coach).

 You can see the window of the upstairs room quite clearly in this picture. The room had originally been used for storing hay for the horses living below. It was accessed by a ladder and for the first six or so years we lived here we just used it to store junk. But eventually last year we found time and money to start to make it into a usable craft room. First came the metal staircase

This was a big undertaking as it had to be designed, planned and fabricated and then fitted. After that the roof had to be done and four skylight windows which were just panes of glass replaced with proper Velux windows. The the inside had to be fitted out. But finally last year it was done.

This is the view towards the door.

And this is the view towards the back. Can you see that pesky quilt on the ironing board!
I share it with my husband's train set which you can't see - but I have to say I seem to have most of the space!

I know I am really lucky to have a room like this - it's made such a difference having somewhere to store my stuff and a peaceful place away from the house to sew and knit. It's a bit chilly just now - but wonderful in the summer.

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