Sunshine quilt

Sunshine quilt

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Quilt in use

This is just a quick post to show you one of my quilts in use. I wrote about completing this quilt here.
I made the quilt as a wedding present for one of Harriet's friends. Harriet said the new owner really loved it and this is it in use. Just what a quilt is for in my opinion!Apparently it has gone on the honeymoon. I must admit I often take one of my quilts away with me - and they have proved perfect for holiday cottages with not enough blankets or dodgy sofas that you are not too keen to sit on!

Still a lot of quilting going on here - I am powering on to finish the centre of my cherries quilt. In this picture there is just one row, but now there are five with two more to go. What slows me down is blanket stitching the cherries - but I now only have about three more to go.

I went to the Quilt Fair at Duxford yesterday. It was useful in terms of stocking up on boring bits and pieces - cutter blades, needles, freezer paper etc - but the fabric was pretty uninspiring - all felt a bit end of season and scrappy. I have to say there is so much choice on the internet it's hard not to be disappointed when the real life fabric is not such a good standard.

Back soon with some pics of the cherry quilt and then on to a couple of playmats for Christmas presents.

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