Sunshine quilt

Sunshine quilt

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Slow progress, no progress

It's been a trying week, with no quilting or sewing to speak of due to family emergencies - but I badly don't want to let my blog stagnate as it is an important part of retaining normality for me in difficult circumstances. I have made little progress on my blue quilt below

although I have decided to hand quilt the smallest squares with a variety of different coloured embroidery silks. This looks pretty I think and has solved the problem of getting a lot of quilt under a small machine. One day I will invest in one of the bigger machines - but that's a long way off!

So I have started this post with a picture of a cushion I made at Christmas for my sister in law, simply because it's a nice bright photo and its simplicity cheers me up. It was the easiest of patterns, just strips in a variety of widths. I've hand quilted this one too - see here

I've used embroidery silk here too. I used to do quite a lot of needlepoint so I still have a really good selection of colours which is probably why it is my thread of choice.
I tried a new approach to the back as well which I like and have used again since

It's just an overlap with the top edge of the join trimmed with binding.

Not a very inspiring post - but an important one for me that shows my blog doesn't fall at the first difficult life hurdle. Better next time - I hope!

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